Monday, November 27, 2006

Call for Papers

The Python Papers would like to call for submissions for the next edition.

Submissions may be academic or industrial. Academic submissions will undergo a peer-review process prior to final publication, while industrial submissions may be reviewed by the editorial board.

In order to allow sufficient time to complete the review process, we must start collating entries now. Academic and Industrial proposals will be accepted until and including January 8th. Following this will be a review period, with final submissions due February 9.

We are happy to include submissions on a wide array of topics, including but not restricted to:
* Research articles
* Web technologies -- frameworks, implementations, discussions, proposals etc
* Request for comments -- code submissions for discussion and review by The Python Papers team
* Events listings -- please let us know of any local events happening during the next quarter in your area
* Python User Group focus articles. It would be great to have content from all around the globe to highlight the breadth of takeup of Python and bring people closer together.

Please email any submissions or queries to where one of the editorial board members will be able to promptly respond.


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