Friday, November 24, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Well, it's day four of publication. We have had a number of comments in comp.lang.python, and have been picked up by a couple of blogs. As expected, most comments have been positive about the content, and somewhat technically critical of the distribution mechanism and some other issues.

Some of the highlights have included being contacted individually by readers who share an interest in particular topics or have something to say. It is this kind of response that will eventually give the journal a life of its own beyond what is injected by the editorial board. Moving towards this state is highly desirable.

I would love to see, for example, connections being made through the articles in the magazine. On this basis, I would like to encourage people to email comments for publication to of about 20-70 words, letting us know of their specific interests. Please include a statement about what form of attribution you would like us to include, otherwise we will post letters anonymously.

The journal is released under the Creative Commons License, subject to Noncommercial, Attribution and Share-Alike conditions. Emailing to indicates the author's agreement to releasing their comments under this restriction. It is also for this reason that we cannot include comments from newsgroups or personal emails without explicit permission of the authors.


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