Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Call for papers for Volume 2, Issue 4

We would like to call for papers, articles, opinion pieces and feedback to include in Volume 2, Issue 4 of The Python Papers. It is our hope to make this issue the best yet and are actively seeking articles from companies which make use of Python and 'hot-topics' such as web programming, Python for beginners and discussions about Python performance. Any article will be gratefully received, of course, so do not let the above list of suggestions deter you from considering an article on another topic.

We also need volunteers from Python User Groups to include an article on the activities, members and geographical area of their local group.

Expressions of Interest Close:
Monday, 15 October

Initial Draft Submission Deadline: Monday, 5 November
Editorial Process Concludes (i.e. Final Version Due): Monday, 26th November
PDF Release Date: Monday, 17 December (approximate)

If you are considering submitting an article, please let us know A.S.A.P., even if you are only thinking about it. This will allow us to post email reminders of important dates to prospective authors, as well as giving us an indication of content.

If you are unable to submit an article according to the schedule above, please let us know of your interest anyway, and we will involve you in the publication cycle for the following edition.

Contact us at

Editor In Chief, The Python Papers

Friday, September 14, 2007

Python Papers Reader Survey

Greetings, readers. I have put together a survey designed to capture a little information about how I can better target "The Python Papers" towards the needs of its readers. This survey has been created as a part of my "Marketing Management" assignment for my Masters of Business Administration study. The results will be used to help create a marketing plan for The Python Papers and should also help a great deal in practical terms. It will help to guide our efforts when soliciting articles from potential authors and other content-generation activities. The questions relate to primarily to areas of interest and are non-personal.

The survey can be found at . The survey is not a long one and I imagine could be completed in under five minutes.

Thanks very much,
-Tennessee Leeuwenburg
(Editor-In-Chief, The Python Papers)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scribd version of The Python Papers, Volume 2, Issue 3 now available

The scribd version of the latest issue is now available from Scribd allows people to view the PDF through a flash viewer, download the issue as PDF, MS Word or as plain text. An audio (MP3) version is also available here.

The original PDF is directly available from The Python Papers website

(Editor-In-Chief, The Python Papers)

The Python Papers, Volume 2, Issue 3 now available

Hello all,

The next issue of "The Python Papers" is now available from here . The HTML version will be made available shortly after conversion and editing. Sorry to everyone for the delays in releasing this issue, but they were necessary in order to maintain quality. The table of contents for this issue is:

Letter from the editor Pages 3
Industry Articles
Python User Group Highlights: Introducing BrisPy Pages 5-6
The Barriers Women Face in Tech Communities Pages 7-13
Python Testimonials Pages 14-17
The Longest Common Substring and Sentence Modification Pages 18-27
Python Events Page 44
Peer Reviewed Section
Pyphant - A Python Framework for Modelling Reusable Information Processing Tasks Pages 28-43

All the best,
-Tennessee Leeuwenburg
(Editor-In-Chief, "The Python Papers")