Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Python Papers, Volume 3, Issue 1 Now Available

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of The Python Papers. Volume 3, Issue 1 is available here. We have a great array of articles packed into its 81 pages, with a great spectrum of topics covered. The highlights include an in-depth article on ShowMeDo, a GUI toolkits comparison and a great article on "Pyfundamentalism" which looks at the emotions evoked by Python.

Table of Contents for Volume 3, Issue 1

Letter from the editor Page 4

Industry Articles
Pyfundamentalism: The Emotions Provoked by Python Page 5
What Is ShowMeDo? Page 7
An Efficient Scalar Package In Python Page 21
PyGTK, PyQT, Tkinter and wxPython comparison Page 26
Python Events Page 81

Peer Reviewed Section
Doctest and unittest... now they'll live happily together Page 38
The Python Interpreter as a Framework for Integrating Scientific Computing Software-Components Page 52
Parts-of-Speech Tagger Errors Do Not Necessarily Degrage Accuracy In Extracting Information from Biomedical Text Page 65


Paddy3118 said...

I have just read 'Pyfundamentalism: The Emotions Provoked by Python' by Gloria W. Jacobs.
I just had to comment on the first part of this statement of hers:

"Over these years, I had never heard developers
evangelizing C++, Java, or PHP. They were better languages than their predecessors – handy,
but not worth preaching about. So, why does Python elicit the preacher in the software
developer, and cause them to cross the line from rational acceptance to fundamentalist

Gloria, did you take a sabbatical in the late nineties? I witnessed a huge pro-Java tsunami of articles and posts. Mostly aimed at the C++ crowd, but it swept asside C and C++ as cool languages and made a large part of the industry switch to it. For me, Suns marketing of Java is the benchmark of success to which we mere Python advocates can only look apon and dream.

- Paddy.

Geoff said...

Just going through the PDF for this one; looks like page 66 of the PDF (printed 64) has two pages overlaid.

Tennessee Leeuwenburg said...

Thanks for your comments all and for pointing out some errata in the publication.