Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moving to Open Journal System

Some of our readers may be wondering about the reason why we had not put up a call for interest for our next issue, Volume 3 Issue 2. The Python Papers will always welcome interests and submissions with or without a public call; just let us know by emails.

The Python Papers is nearing the end of its 2nd year and our continued challenge is to expand its outreach, especially into index databases, online repositories and libraries. After a few months of search, we had decided to use Open Journal System (OJS) from the Public Knowledge Project (http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=ojs) to manage The Python Papers. We are currently in the process of setting the system up in our web server and is feverishly porting all back issues into it. Hence, we are delaying our call for interest/submissions for June 2008. Instead, our next issue will be set in August 2008 - a call for interest and publishing timeline will be released soon.

We welcome any offer of assistance.

We hope that by using OJS, The Python Papers will conform to Open Archive Initiative (OAI) which is a standard for metadata harvesting of publications. We further hope that OAI will pave the way into academic libraries and repositories.

The OJS site for The Python Papers is http://ojs.pythonpapers.org

We thank all authors and readers, and the computing/programming community at large for your continued support.

Sit tight for your next issue in August.

Warm regards
Maurice Ling
Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Python Papers

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