Thursday, September 4, 2008

Volume 3 issue 2 is released

Hi everyone

After a long wait of nearly 5 month, we are back in business to bring the latest edition of The Python Papers - Volume 3 Issue 2 ( ).

From this issue onwards, we will be having only 3 issues per year instead of 4. This is in compliance with our ISSN registration.

What's new
1. We have expanded our editorial team with 2 new Associate Editors, Sarah Mount (from UK) and Guy Kloss from (New Zealand).

2. TPP is now managed using Open Journal System and it can be assessed at

3. Backporting of previous issues of TPP from Volume 1 Issue 1 is complete

4. We had "soft-launched" TWO new periodicals - The Python Papers Monographs (for monograph-length submissions which may include dissertations, conference proceedings, case studies and advanced-level lectures) and The Python Papers Source Codes (modeled after ACM Collected Algorithms and provides a collection of software and source codes, usually associated with papers published in The Python Papers and The Python Papers Monograph). They shall be TPPM and TPPSC respectively.

5. Collectively, TPP, TPPM and TPPSC will be umbrella-ed as The Python Papers Anthology (TPPA) and managed under the same editorial committee.

6. Probably the most important development to TPP is that TPP is currently indexed by a number of services, including Google Scholar and OAIster, as a result of using Open Journal System.

So, please enjoy our latest edition and we look towards all of your continued support and contributions.

Thank you.

Maurice Ling
Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Python Papers Anthology


Christopher Neugebauer said...

Is it possible to download the journal as a single PDF?

Maurice Ling said...

Thank you everyone for letting us know that the single-PDF version still has an important place.

We will accommodate to your request and will be releasing the single-PDF version soon even though that the "industrial standard" is per-article-PDF.

Maurice Ling